Harris History Update

Hi Everyone:

Warm weather should melt all this lingering snow, so make sure you get out and get those last few leaves into the bag!

P1 and P4 students have no homework, but you can quiz them about some of the events that led up to the outbreak of WWII. They should be able to define ‘appeasement’ and describe how the Munich Agreement was an example of the attempted appeasement of Hitler.

P2: Students worked really well in small groups today. They were learning about the factors that helped to cause the Civil War. I recommended to them that they should probably read through the causes in their texts again to improve retention of information. These are the causes that they should be able to describe to you:
-Missouri Compromise
-Compromise of 1850
-Bleeding Kansas
-Lincoln and the Republican Party

All of my classes will be starting an in-depth research and writing task tomorrow. Students will need to make sure that they can log in properly to school computers.

That’s it for now. Have a great evening.

Aaron Harris
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