Harris History Weekend Edition

Hi Everyone:

P1 and P4 students were given instructions for a position paper assignment that we will be working on for the next few days. I made a mistake with my P1 class and did not inform them of the proper length parameters for the paper. In the instructions it says 500-750, but it’s really 750-1000 (cringe!). Five hundred words is not enough space to construct strong arguments and I will apologize profusely for my error on Monday. If you can relay the message to them first, that would be great as I will not be in striking distance of their vengence when you do. P4 students were told the correct length so no need to break the bad news to your son or daughter if they have me in the afternoon. This assignment is a sprint, not a marathon. Students have tons of in class time next week, but some outside of school research would really help. The London Public Library has fantastic WWII resources that can be signed out to supplement what can be found online and here at school. Many people don’t know that if you have a library card, you can also access research databases for great articles on the Public Library website. I have uploaded the instructions and topic selection page to a new page on my website. As usual, the password is chelseafc:


On that page students will find a writing guide as well as a document that will help shed light on Chicago style footnoting (we will go over this in class, but some were anxious to see what it’s about). Okay, long-winded update here but this is the list of what students should be doing this weekend:

1. select a topic
2. find some sources and record them on source organizer page (distributed in class)
3. create account on turnitin.com
4. do some initial research (just to get started)

P2: American history students are also writing a position paper, albeit one with less choice. They will have to determine which Civil War battle was more significant: Antietam or Gettysburg. Their to-do list is similar to the one above but the topic has already been selected. Most students in this class have already used turnitin, so that step should, in theory, be taken care of. Students were given time to read their textbook in class to gain some background about both battles; they should continue their search for sources over the weekend (online and Public Library). I will be posting resources online to assist with the research and writing process.

All classes: Time management will be the key to success here. I have alotted TONS of class time for these investigations. Students should get the bulk of the work done at school; not much should have to be completed at home, except perhaps the typing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Aaron Harris
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