group of tourists

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We’ve met a little group of tourists yesterday, they have shown us something really cool, just take a look website

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I agree that this can be a mechanism for reducing water to a small degree if the hand warmers are air activated, (there are many types that are not). You really do seem to have a good handle on theory of the reaction, but the engineering is where you are a bit weak. Unless the hand warmers are very large, you neglected to do your stoichiometry and calculate the actual ability for the hand warmer to react with a quantity of water.

In real world terms the heat has more to do with the drying of the clothes, not the fraction used reacting with the tiny amount of iron in the hand warmer.

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Officer: Partner fired fatal shot moments after loud sound

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Records from the city’s Office of Police Conduct Review show Noor has had three complaints against open link

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My uncle is a captain on a transcontinental ship. He’s been to most countries you can access by water, and a few he visited on an airplane.

He pretty much considers Japanese to be the most racist, xenophobic of all people he met so far. Maybe it’s not so visible among the younger, raised on the Internet generation, but folks around his age (he mostly talked about 40-60 year olds) were very hostile and difficult to have a conversation with without feeling like an unwanted guest.