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Man I hate to brake it to you, but that may just be due to Smash 4 sloopy-ish mechanics. Smash 4 isn’t crazy well made, and I’ve mostly been hearing and seeing combos working like that. And also the smash 4 FG isn’t really the smash community. Try Anther’s Ladder to play people actually involved with it. Other than that, your complaining to the wrong people.

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The same generation in Europe, US and Japan seems to be equally passive. In the US it seems to be the most passive generation in history. I wonder what is causing it? Maybe if you aren’t starving, like would have happened in the past if the economy became unbalanced, they will put up with anything and don’t want to risk losing that food from their parents or the government.

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This is easily one of the most commonly asked questions of all time here, so I’m going to remove it. Please use the search bar and you’ll find several answers to it. There’s no rule against reposting questions, but please be sure to indicate that you’ve searched and haven’t found your question listed. Thanks a lot.

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I’m sorry to tell you this, but the matchmaking system is completely broken. I’m so glad I’ve been playing for a few months now and have a lot of cards, otherwise I have no idea how I’d compete – I see full competitive, tournament worthy decks at ranks way too low.

The game is NOT newbie friendly, especially with more and more cards coming out………. I guess I can only recommend that you invest some money into the game if you wish to hasten your progress, Naxx + some packs….if you don’t then maybe you should try to become amazing at arena, even though its pretty hard to be consistent there.

Or maybe just concede a ton of games and make your matchmaking rating super low so you’ll be paired with total noobs.

Either way, I recommend arena, its the ultimate “equaliser”.

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